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If you’re the kind of person who believes that we are what we eat; if you like to know where your food comes from; if you prefer sustainability; if you believe in Humanity and in our ability to make the world happier, kinder, and more whole, you might want to pay attention to this.

Farm founder Becca Margolis and her faithful sidekick, Rusko

Farm founder Becca Margolis and her faithful sidekick, Rusko

The next 6 paragraphs are going to get real. Please, bear with me.

Right now, you breathe polluted air. Infections resist antibiotics. Cancer ravages our neighborhoods, and no one can tell us why. We inhabit a world today where wild places disappear, and species go extinct one by one.

You’ve eaten hundreds of chickens in your life, but have you ever seen one killed? Does it matter, this distance between our food and us?

 In the world of Industrial Farming, money rules. Industrial Farming begets pollution, deforestation, antibiotic resistance, and possibly cancer, not to mention the suffering of billions of creatures contained in their own filth, mutilated, malnourished, and drugged.

People are hungry, and there are so so many people.

Industrial Farms go to great lengths to hide their practices. They know. They just don’t care. These corporations are not people; they don’t have morals. And they have taken over American agriculture.

Like a plant that’s grown too big for its pot, the success of the human population precedes its downfall. As we look to the future, it seems to grow bleaker and bleaker. Prices continue to rise, resources become more scarce, land dries up, ecosystems and economic systems fall apart, and it all gets worse and worse.

Until it gets better…

Friend of Okra Foods fighting the good fight

Friend of Okra Foods fighting the good fight

At Okra Foods, we believe that food should be produced with love and gratitude. We believe that Industrial Farms have prioritized money over health, putting us all at risk. We believe that we can change America’s food industry through the promotion of Urban Gardens. We believe that food should be as natural as possible. For those of us who choose to eat meat, we believe that happy animals not only taste better, but are also more nourishing.

We fertilize all our fruits and veggies with compost and manure. The compost is generated from produce expired on grocery store shelves and collected by us. This produce, which is still good, but would otherwise have been thrown away, is then eaten, pecked at, and broken down by our own chickens and rabbits.

Our animals live with minimal stress or fear. They have space to maintain their sanity, comfortable areas to rest, and lots of yummy snacks. We, their caretakers, are vegetarians and former vegetarians. Unlike Industrial Farms, Okra Farms welcomes visitors and photos.

Yummmm! Our egg-laying hens feasting and helping us make compost

Yummmm! Our egg-laying hens feasting and helping us make compost

We want people to have real choices about what they eat. We want to make ethical food an option.

Put simply, Okra Foods is food you can feel good about. Okra Foods is a collaboration of people, animals, and nature. Good people, happy animals, healthy plants. And no antibiotics or chemicals.

Be part of the movement. Taste the difference.

This blog is written by Christine Stevralia, writer and corporate blogger.

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